Summertime down below 2010-06-06
News Update

Summer is here, and after a day in the sun, what's better than some raiding fun? Underfoot has plenty of events to explore, and that's what we have been (and will be) doing at least!


A beast has thawed out of a glacier and is running amok in The Cooling Chamber, and Ancient Dominion answers the cry for help from the Coldain.

After a good workout from alternately running around, paying attention and getting flung halfway across the zone, Grunkuck the Beast, her mate and countless of her spawn were disposed of.

Meanwhile, in Pellucid Grotto, the Cliknar have dug tunnels from their hive and are invading, so the inhabitants of the Grotto needed some pest control - hey, we're good at that!

We stopped The Unburrowing by picking the legs and wings off lots of insects until the gnomes got a chance to blow the tunnels up (as gnomes do).

Now that we have stirred up the ant's nest, more events await us stay tuned!


My take on the things people say in their unguarded moments...

when people are sleepy...

when reviewing the merits of capitalism

when considering switching sides

when getting your bearings

when your mind descends

when feeling invincible

when doing your best to keep the ranger mythology alive

when alcohol enters the picture

when threatening punishment

when your memory fails you

when dealing with the fame of being Ogrebane

when confusion sets in

when looking for a raid invite

when your fingers betray you

when discussing racial traits

when your family rebels

when innocence gets the better of you

when finding alternative methods

when feeling optimistic

when you attain a reputation

when a guild of pervs considers you a deviant

when doing the impossible

when learning

when healers are feeling random

when dealing with the light

when you realize your mistake

when dealing with complaints

Thanks to Minta for cutting all the quotes this time :) More to come though, I didn't get time to go through my own!

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