Usefull links


Monky-Business Information site about Monks. Also a good information site for all classes.


Allakhazam A database of items, quests, zones and monsters
Antorius Bayle Forum Forum for the Antonius Bayle server
EQ Live Forums Sony Forums for class discussions/issue reporting
EQ Rankings See where you rank in eqrankings!
Lucy's Database A large database of various spells and items in Everquest.
Magelo A site that allows Everquest players to create profiles of their characters.
Maps Click here to find a link to in game dowloadable maps
Raspers Repository Condensed guides for the most recent expansions.
Samanna Extremely Useful Site with information about latest quests / spells/ loot / groupable stuff. Designed for shaman/paladin but anyone can use it.
The Safehouse A site with various information and news on the latest happening in Everquest.
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