VuLak DoWn 10-09-2021

After a little slack' summer holiday, The newly polished & refueled AD bus rolled into The Sleepers Tomb packed with the refreshed AD collective ready to hand out a proper' spanking... and we did in style!
A bumpy start to the trip turn into a perfect run once we found the right gear, with freshly buttered Frogs, Mad Monk's, burnt Gnomes, non-hairy Clerics and a whole host of passionate members showing once again that when it comes to spanking Dragons.. They're are no match for us!!

Thanks to our Raid Team & Officers, but mainly to our Members who keep the AD bus rolling!

Next road trip and to prove again our battle bus flattens Dragons... Aary' is on our map, watch out, here we come!

copyrights Loro & Lauri xx

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Posted by: Laurielle

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