Patch day 2003-07-15
Greetings AD addicts and our 5 other dedicated listeners!
Patch day and the Dominion roamed the new tasty lands and found themselves a Servitor of Luclin
He served us death.

Grats Geuppnu who is now whacking away in Plane of Valor with Sombrous Claidmore!
And Aanaye who switched from mezzing to backstabbing with her Lurid Dagger

During our visit to Grieg's end, Herkimer showed his true self. I know you had leezard blood Herk!

Severilous was flying around in EJ, scaring the bananas out of Paladins. So the Dominion headed to the jungle with a bag of popcorn to watch the fun....and accidently stepped on her.

Among the dragon's treasures, we found:

A new bracer for Kironev.... hastebelt for Cogo...

...and congratulations Kordan on one step closer to his epic quest with Green Dragon Scale!

On her deathbed, Severilous threathend the Dominion that her brother Talador would revenge her. Coming from a dragon, we felt that we had no other choice but to head to Skyfire and face our revenge! Only to find that Talandor already had taken out his revenge on a Tide Crew, by getting dead.
Tide honored the Dominion with a gift of Red dragon scale!

Grats Shaylon on scale for his epic!

Kudos to the Tide crew for awarding this Scale to us!

The Dominion finished off its evening by paying our dear friend Venril Sathir a visit.

Grats Gore on new gloves...

...and Shaylon on Singing steel greaves

This update was brought to you by a tale of our evil enchanter Aanaye.

Posted by:Cogo

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