Cazic Thule meets the Dominion 2003-07-06
The Dominion with allies decided to travel to the Plane of Fear to relax in the nature.
The God Cazic Thule was up and about. And surely was not pleased with the company, so he ate a ranjur or two while chomping down a monk for dessert.

Killing ranjurs is an understandeble misstake, but we just can not have any god throw pounches at monks, so we pounched back.

And down he goes!

Congratulations Handolin and Duchese on Halo!

Gore on Eye of Cazic Thule!

And finaly Moonbright on Brain of Cazic Thule!

After nailing our 2011:th poussling in CoD, we went for a change of scenery and found ourselves a big turtle.

One Lodizal -----> Freeport! Congratulations Kordan on
Belt of the Great Turtle

This update was brought to you by the letters...

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