Omens of War Completed 2006-12-02
News Update

They say a picture can say a thousand words. Looking through my collection of screen shots from last night and seeing the word "w00t", or variations thereof, more times than I could count, I'd have to agree. Our focus may have shifted to the Depths of Darkhollow expansion, but for some time now we have had some unfinished business in Omens of War. That business involved a character by the name of Overlord Mata Muram.

For several months now, the event around this sinister fellow has proved to be among the most difficult we have faced. As a Raid Leader, events of such magnitude hold a facination and long instill a sense of ambition far beyond any mere victory. To beat any event is an achievement, but to stand up against an event like this and come out the victor is something else entirely.

My thanks and congratulations go to every single member of Ancient Dominion on playing a part in this victory; both those that were there on the night and those that have fought with us so many times against this target and enabled us to learn the event's many intricacies and weaknesses. Another expansion is complete!

Thank you for that, Luke. While I was of course nervous during the event, I wasn't quite that nervous. Having read some of the comments in guild chat earlier on in the evening though, I will admit to having a few concerns...

Before we move on, some more random quotes...

Last and by no means least, I bring you news of another victory for the 'AD Bus'. Our progression through the Prophecy of Ro expansion won't start properly until the new year, but we did manage to get a quick kill in recently to get us in the mood. Porthio the Secondborn proved to be more fun than we expected but soon succumbed to our efforts once we figured out the drill. Stay tuned for more updates of our exploits in the Prophecy of Ro in the new year.

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