Demiplane: Access Granted 2006-10-15
News Update - September 2006

It's been an interesting month and no doubt about it. The release of a new expansion provided us with new levels, new spells, a new race (the Drakkin - picured above as modelled by yours truly courtesy of an illusion and an 80s haircut) and new excuses to hunt a very specific type of drake nomatter what time of day or night it was! The Lair of the Black Wing has quite possibly seen more visitors than Disney World in recent weeks and I'm sure most people are now positively sick of it! Fear not, however, as the hunting season is now near its end. Most of us are now level 75 and able to leave those poor drakes alone to repopulate their numbers a little more, allowing us more time for other persuits...

While there may be plenty of things left to explore in the new expansion, for now we're returning to Darkhollow for some unfinished business. We have bigger fish to fry...

After making the most of a short break to tour The Serpent's Spine and level up a bit, our return to raiding was steady but triumphant. Our first new kill - Master Vule the Silent Tear - saw us climb back to form and into reach of the Demiplane, despite evidence that some of our raiders had perhaps took things a little too easy during the break...

Assmuming these individuals are back on form, we'll be paying our first visit to the Demiplane of Blood next week! Watch this space for news of how we get on.

We've also visited some Prophecy of Ro content since the last update. The Guardian of the High Priest is prooving something of a challenge at the moment, but we think we've figured out how to beat him now, so no doubt we'll be back there soon.

In other news, a recent GM event showed that Ancient Dominion is a force to be reckoned with, with members of the guild taking the top five positions. Well done to all of those who took part!

I'll leave you this time with a message from one of our officers and tank leader, Gotin, who sums up my thoughts to a T.

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