Incy Wincy Spider 2006-09-09
News Update - September 2006

Bolstered with new information and a plan so cunning it could shave a badger, the raid once again returned to Darkhollow with a view to eliminating an infestation it had heard was upsetting the locals. Navigating the Living Bridges seemed to represent the first hurdle for some, but with a little practice and a few bribed Magicians, that feat was soon put behind them so that they could reach the heart of the arachnid outbreak and help cleanse it. Thankfully their perseverance paid off...

It took a while - dodging spells, killing seemlessly unending waves of spiders and repeatedly resurrecting countless raiders - but finally...

With that a mighty cheer went up. Some raiders could hardly contain themselves.

So, with a new conquest under our belts, the Demiplane draws ever closer to becoming a reality. Just one thing stands between us and our next level of content: Master Vule the Silent Tear. Rumour has it, this cowardly vampire hides away in the lower depths of Dreadspire Keep. Not to worry! Little does he know that our team has already made great progress on obtaining access to his private chambers. We're on our way!

Until then, we're focusing on a couple more flag runs to make sure we're all ready to rumble. Sendaii the Hive Queen, Emperor Draygun, Bloodeye (pictured above) and Matriarch Shyra will each get one more visit in the next few days to make sure as many of our members as possible can take credit for beating them. The objective is to flag everybody and take down Vule at least once before the next EverQuest expansion - The Serpent's Spine - forces us to take a short break. Following that, we will take our first steps into the Demiplane and a whole new level of content awaits!

I'll finish with another of Tilamven's delightful suggestions:

Don't leave home without it. Until next time!

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