Council of the Nine: Thanks for the Memories 2006-09-01
News Update - August 2006

Hot on the heals of recent triumphs over the Emperor in Illsalin, our intrepid and, some would say, intoxicated bunch of explorers once again ventured into Darkhollow to dispatch once and for all The Council of the Nine. Long had this corrupt power resided over the seething underworld, but no more. A new era is upon us and our journey has ony just begun...

Moving still further into pastures new, we have been able to uncover a another tangled web of corruption... this time somewhat more literal. We have started to investigate an apparent arachnid outbreak that has stood in the way of any real progress in Darkhollow. Rumour has it that overcoming this arthropodic menace will serve to start another epic chapter in the Ancient Dominion history books by branding the guild worthy of access to the Demiplane itself!

From what we've been able to ascertain thus far, there is one spider in particular that has a rather notable standing in the arachnid community; Sendaii the Hive Queen. The thing is, she's rarely home alone if you know what I mean...


So what else have we been doing?

Cast your minds back to the days when we first discovered Omens of War. Five new levels awaited us, along with hundreds of new Alternative Advancement abilities... and yet little did we know how much else we'd have to do there!

Recent outings have seen us revisit some of the trials in the Muramite Proving Grounds. Of course much of this content is practically trivial for Ancient Dominion now - even the once frustrating Trial of Foresight - but as well as being handy targets to pass the time between instance lockouts, more often than not of late the Trials still seem to yield rewards that the members are keen to acquire, helping to strengthen Ancient Dominion still further in preparation for the journey ahead.

In the not too distant future we're expecitng yet another new expansion. Perhaps it was this that inspired me to come up with some ideas for possible enhancements that could be added in future patches; like this one for the Bard class...

Don't worry, I've already sent the /feedback...

I'll leave you with the following insightful musing:

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