Depths of Darkhollow: One step closer 2006-08-20
News Update - August 2006

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! It just goes to show that practice makes perfect. Once upon a time this event seemed quite tricky, but thanks to the perseverance of the guild, Emperor Draygun has become one more in a long line of statistics for Ancient Dominion!

We'll be making a few repeat visits to this chap in the coming weeks to get everybody flagged for it. Beating it, however, means another tick in the box towards Demiplane access and that can't be a bad thing.

"So, how did we overcome such a feat?" I hear you ask. Well... I can say with some certainty that it wasn't down to the superb display of pulling on behelf of the Raid Leader (may he rest in peace). Now that we've done it though, I can afford to let you in on a little secret: our crack team of spies that have been investigating goings on in Darkhollow. They're getting so into the role in fact that they've even taken to travelling in disguise... and what a fetching choice of cover they have, I must say! (Looking good, Gwendry!)

So, armed with the information they and countless others among the Ancient Dominion ranks have managed to amass, we've given the Depths of Darkhollow something to be worried about. Rumour has it there has been an increase in the arachnid population near The Hive recently. Rest assured we'll be investigating!

Matriarch Shyra and Bloodyeye - two previous entries on our "list of things to see and kill" - will soon be back on our agenda again as we make one more surge through the Pre-Tier encounters on the way to the Demiplane but in the meantime, we've been entertaining ourselves elsewhere too...

Vishimtar the Fallen has finally decided to play ball properly and has made more frequent appearences both on our schedule and on the floor. Welcome to farm status!

We're also making slow but steady progress on a certain character in the upper echelons of the Citadel of Anguish but for the time being, we won't name and shame him. He knows who he is and he knows his days are numbered...

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