Vishimtar is DEAD! 2006-07-16
AD have been burning its way pas


I would like to say it was an easy fight but hell no it was hard, After 2 wipes and it being late it looked like Vish would stay living for another day.

But then we all had a little chat and said lets try again lol and this time she was dead, I have to say after hearing some guilds only have 10 peep left in zone at end and we had 45 it made it all so better but lets not forget this mob is a team mob and I would like to thank all who stuck it out and kill a very hard mob.

Gratz all loot winners on this fine loot

Next on our list is OMM and we have a nice pic below of the mob him self, We are moving on nicely and it will not be long now till the AD bus runs right over his head!


In other news AD have been burning its way past some of the 5 key trials we need to get in to Tier one, with 3/5 down it will not be long now till the ad bus rolls in to DoDH Tier one.

It has not been easy getting the 3/5 mobs down but it has to be said it has been fun!


The Council of Nine


Matriarch Shyra


AD has been farming CoA, Tacvi, Don Dragon, Mpg Trials and lots of Epic 2 has come in to the hands of AD members.

Will not post any pics as we been there done that lol.

Now is the time to see what some of our skilled members have been up too!

Davias has needed and if not helped he will blow.

Elladon will do anything for free stuff!

Grants Says: ok I will take that

Fongi looking for a date!

Grinder likes the DEAD!

Joks just love to fight!

Not saying I love Nine but it is all there !

Tilamven will try it on all his toons to get Niamhe to sort him!

Odious just found out he was not a rank!

Not sure what Joks and Mulli has but it not right!

Seeker still not sure what he is but he getting there!

This is why Suid goes LD so much.

And now we have Daur left peep say to be what does he think of all the sex talk in AD well he just hides and does who knows what!

AD will carry on raiding but most of all having fun going in to new zones and killing big ass Mobs!

A thanks to Ruts and Gotin for the pics.

If you feel you want to be part of this then this is your lucky day as AD are looking for some skilled players to join our family.

Please go to our forum or contact Niamhe or Gotin ingame.

Well it is bye from me again but please keep eye on page as I will update it again very soon!

Posted by:Naeldaen

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