We Back Again! 2006-06-04
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Well it has been a wile from the last update so I have got of my ass and here it is!

Since the last update we have been farming DON Dragons, CoA and Tacvi.

We have got the guilds members a good few epic 2, Gear upgrades and I would like to say a big thanks to all who helps with this as it is good to help and I think we need a big

Been getting lots of shots ingame so I think now is the time for some funny as AD is not just again killing big Mobs

Not saying AD is all about the sexy but have to say some members just seem to keep it on there mind 24/7!

This is why we dont have SK's on raid they just get drunk then run off to there woman.....

AD is like all guild short on Clr and when one of ur officers need loving they just dont seem to care......

With Gwendry talking like this I can see why Ayd is in need......

This is just the start of a AD night and most of it is in tells so I dont get to see it (

Meanwhile, in other news:

Jokskilove models the new AD Summer Collection...

Caelin finds an alternative to soloing...

Sashela guarantees a journey to the Guild Lobby...

Argeye lets slip the truth...

Pusur takes his vows...

...and to prove that sometimes it's best not to ask...

I'll leave you with a message from our old friend, Haggard.

He may not be here to say it himself, but the AD bus will certainly be busy in the coming weeks!

Now back to what AD is doing Next

Now with us farming a good few zones it is time for us to move on and the next thing for AD has to be

This means it is back to farming a key but with most of it done we move in to this new zone with excitement as we know as a guild of people who work hard at what we do we take this new challenge like everything else we do with 110% commitment and a willing to move together as not a bunch of people who don't know each other but a Family..

I would like to put a quote now from a post one of our Officers/Raid Lead has post in our form as it sums up to me how I feel.

In all the years I have been in Ancient Dominion, I have seen this guild move from one expansion to the next. Even before I joined, I had watched AD's progress with interest and awe. Now I have the privilage of being on board as we prepare to take yet another step through the lands of Norrath.

In recent months, we have completed our progression through the Gates of Discord and felled all but the legendary Overlord Mata Muram in the Citadel of Anguish, following our progress through the Omens of War expansion. We have slain dragons that would leave lessor guilds in tatters and stand on the brink of defeating the mightiest dragon the Dragons of Norrath expansion has to offer: Vishimtar the Fallen. For weeks now we have farmed these targets for those last much-needed upgrades, each time learning how to make the encounters more efficient, more effective and more fun. Our patience is now set to be rewarded...

Now here is some of the mobs we will be taking down in the coming weeks

The Council of Nine

Emperor Draygun


Matriarch Shyra

Sendaii, the Hive Queen

If you feel you want to be part of this then this is your lucky day as AD are looking for some skilled players to join our family.

Please go to our forum or contact Karhu or Greaux ingame.

Well it is bye from me again but please keep eye on page as I will update it again this year!

Posted by:Naeldaen

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