First Date Kills 2006-04-13
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Let start off by saying gratz to all who won the following loot off AMV as this time the zone did not crash on us!

With AMV out the way it was time for AD's first date with Overlord Mata Muram.

Our Raid leader was Ninelives for the night and he felt it was time our new member fongi got her hands dirty.

After not a lot of movement Jok's took matters in to his own hands and did the run we was all waiting for.

This now started the epic battle between AD and Mata but as this was our first date with the man we was happy to take home what information we could out of the fight, things was going ok till it was time to click the mask and with most of Ad having it in there bank we new things was not going to go well!

This was a fun fight and I am sure with time he will die to the AD bus, I would like just to say a few words to all who came and to the leaders behind the raid leading and that is you all doing a great job keep it up )

Now let me leave you with a view of what one of our Raid leaders got out of Mata fight.

Posted by:Naeldaen

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