It's all about CoA 2006-03-20
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Sorry for the long time since the last update but here it is.

After beating GoD Ancient Dominion has been spending its time in CoA working on Epic 2's and Jelvan event.

Lets start of with this guy.

Has to be said what a hard event as not only is it healer heavy but the strat has to be spot on, after trying this a good few times things started to look up for us as the strat was spot on and the healers all showed up so there was only one out come for this and we all know what is was!

now to the good part

Grats Karhu, Swedie and Gotin!

With Jelvan under our belt there was only one place to go and that was to run the AD bus over AMV head.

We had never does this before so the hope was to give it a try and get some nice feed back off it, with our raid team sorting a good strat AMV was killed first go BUT as we was sorting the loot the zone crashed and we was all kicked out so AD took home knowing we beat it but no loot this time (Don't you just love SOE)

Now we have seen him I am sure his days are numbered

Now for the last bit of the update a big gratz to Cuba and Pusur on getting there epic 2's

Next update will come soon so please stay turned for the epic travels of the AD bus.

Posted by:Naeldaen

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