"It's All Happening!" 2006-02-22


That's right! Ancient Dominion have now fully plundered and defiled the lands of the Gates of Discord. Armed with only a Paladin sacrifice and the obscured surname of our Fearless Beastlord, Ninelives Liveforten, the neck down part of Emdor mashed up this geezer bad time! Joking aside, it's a great testament to the strength and determination of the guild - it's officers and loyal hard working members! We've come through some tough times alright, low population servers, server merges, you name it, we've suffered it, and yet the tag of the Dominion flies proudly above the heads of many brave adventurers on the Antonius Bayle server!

Following his death, Tunat was kind enough to part with a few, artifacts to add to our collection (well, he couldn't exactly *Refuse* could he? MUAHAHA! ahem)

I would tell you who won and do all that grats stuff and things like that (I'm a Paladin, not a Shadowknight!) but, well, Marr found it in his heart to let me visit the rocking NES ROCK (omg pwn!) Minibosses forums and get a viral overload of CoolWebSearch and all it's buddies so I couldn't be there. What's that you say? I can look at our DKP page and find out who won what? I think you've mistaken me for someone who isn't lazy! Besides, we've more pressing matters to deal with ladies and gentlemen! Can you say...


You heard right folks, the Dominion is getting particled up! Check out Jokski with the guild's first 2.0. Why, with that sexy beast of a weapon, his chances of getting some *action* must have gone up by at least 0.0483%. Plus if we get bored we can hang it from the ceiling like the sword of damacles and dance around its fancy lightshow listening to happy hardcore. THIS IS WHY WE RAID PPL! SHINIES FOR TEH DANCE!

Oh and um, yeah, we killed Hanvar too! I should be posting up a few more 2.0 pictures as I get em, and I'm sure some other screenies, I'm just rushing this update off squared eyed after hours of Partitioning, Re-installing, fault finding and checking out pr0n. Big shout out to photographer Naeldaen for sending the happy snaps since I've been Malware Owned!

Posted by:Davias

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