It has gone all blue! 2006-02-01

We Interrupt The Scheduled Broadcast For This Late Breaking News

Tonight, Norrath Police Squad have issued a warrant for the arrest of Ancient Dominion. The Charge? SMURFACIDE, in the first degree. These pictures were taken by our brave insider within this highly nefarious criminal gang.

The Smurf in question, was none other than the new, but extremely prevalent Lanky Smurf. Also known as Keldovan, Lanky Smurf literally ROSE to the top of Smurf Society by aid of his impressive stature. Loved by all and suspected father to Smurfette's latest batch of baby smurfs, Lanky Smurf was a respected member of the smurf community. Friend to celebrity DJs Smashie and Nicey, here they give a few short words on the character of Lanky Smurf.

If you have any information on the where abouts of the notorious Ancient Dominion gang, please request your local wizard connects you to the Norrath Police Squad via a quality telepathy spell. In particular, we are after these members :-

Naeldaen, Scourge of the North, who stole

Tahlin, Pillager of Villagers, who half-inched

And Lepra, Tormentor of Habberdashers, who made off with

Also found at the scene of the crime, a flyer which stated the following:-

"Ancient Dominion are seeking Committed, Fun and Skilled players to join our ranks. Those interested should PM Aydindryl on our message boards."

Posted by:Davias

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