The Grand Tour of Anguish 2006-01-21

Welcome to Historic Anguish!

I Lord Davias Pinkbuff will be your guide on this amazing tour of this strange and exciting land. It is advised that all customers keep doors and windows firmly locked and shut at all times as the denizens of Anguish are easily riled and do bite! The ride may get a little bumpy, so if you do feel nauseas, find a hungry Ogre, cos they'll eat ANYTHING.

First up on the the tour, I ask you to turn your heads left and witness the Grandeur and picturesque detail of Ture's Butte. I must stress again that you all keep windows closed since this particular attraction is an affront to the olfactory.

Next up on our tour is the amazing sight of a migrating herd of Ancient Dominion. Although cursed with many Trolls and Ogres, the patriarch of this confusing society is a mere frog. What he lacks in bonelessness, he makes up in cunning and squishability! Under his measured leadership, this herd of Ancient Dominion turn any predator into prey for the hunting.

And for the final stop on our tour, I'm going to LOCK YOU IN OUR GIFT SHOP FOR 5 HOURS. Do not be alarmed by the armed guards, however they will shoot you if spend anything less than 1200 GBP. Thank you for taking the Anguish tour, I hope you all enjoyed it thoroughly, do come back and again and TELL YOUR FRIENDS (especially if they're Clerics, Enchanters or Bards - Recruitment is currently open on these classes).

Grats Greaux!

Grats Lodan!

Grats Lupinus!

Lastly, a little photoshop gem from Something Awful's Photoshop Phriday for you all to enjoy.

Posted by:Davias

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