Welcome to Tacvi?r?us! 2005-12-23

It's that time of year again; the tree needs chopping and dragging, the presents need shopping and wrapping, and we've got just the crew to take care of it for you! Featuring none other than Ogrebane the dwarf as our very own berzerk'd woodcutter (NOTE: Some damage may be present on trees) and a wide assortment of elves to wrap your presents for you, we welcome you to shop at AD's special Tacvi`r`us this Christmas! Some special offers coming up - to the right we have our store's bellboy (or girl, the jury's still out on that one), Pixtt Xxeric Kex, who - other than carry your presents around for you - also offers the following toys for all you kids:

Grats Cuba, Argeye and Gotin!

Next on the special offers list, here on the left we can see Pixtt Riel Tavas, who has a whole hoard of pleasant little golem helpers to help you get your presents faster! Mind that you don't drop anything on them though, as they're very fragile (NOTE: May contain unknown substances more explosive and unstable than nitroglycerine).

Grats Bigfroggies, Tirnanog and Lukeren!

Moving right along to Zun`Muram Kvxe Pirik, who also has a few helpers to keep your sack balanced this year. Sadly, he appears to be out of stock on the Brutish Blade of Balance for now - but we expect a new stock to come in sometime in 2054! He who lives shall have to see, I suppose. Myself, I plan to drink myself to death before 2007 (yp,r yp hry dystrf O hirdd).

Grats Niamhe, Saeros and Odious!

Wrapping up this Christmas' special offers, we have Zun`Muram Yihst Vor, who is practically giving up his wares for free this year! Just be sure to keep your distance as he's been known to get stingy the closer to Christmas it gets.

Grats Nemex, Bigfroggies and Dauredhel!

So now you know where to shop this Christmas! Be sure to come around for Boxing Day also, as we're sure we'll have some new offers for you then! No embarrassing quote this week, as I'm feeling generous.

Posted by:Khael

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