Hello Tacvi! 2005-12-13

Yupyup, that's really him - Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk - or rather, his corpse. My deepest apologies - I missed out on taking a screenshot of our happy ogre running around with his hands in the air, being chased by Mr Zyk round and round the mistletoe - but the mental picture is enough. Shiny stuff coming up.

Grats Rutjosnabet, Kanaky, Saeros and Starsis!

But apparently the candyland of Tacvi isn't enough for the Ancient Dominion crew; just last night we knocked over another MPG trial - this time it was Adaptation which fell to our collective forces. Now just a single trial remains between us and Anguish - Foresight, also known as 'Simon Says'. Jokskilove was apparently heard singing a certain carol going by the name of 'All I want for Christmas' to the picture on the right.

Grats Grequor, Flyvespark and Fusafei!

In this week's quote, our dear cleric expresses his concerns that Mulli is missing from the raid:

We did ok with rangers tanking, though we weren't raiding Crushbone!

Posted by:Khael

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