Four down, two to go! 2005-12-06

As you can guess by the headline (and the above picture), we rocked some MPG trials the last couple of nights. First off was Corruption, the "guild war" trial. Now as you all know, PvP (even fake PvP) is basically about psychic strength rather than physical prowess. So, having none other than Grinder the Ogre on our side, we merely let him remove his pants. This then caused a giant outbreak of uncontrollable fear among the general population (those who survived the initial shock) of the opposing team. Sadly, some of our own people also went unconscious as they had forgotten to wear their EB items. So, the loots had to be shared betwinx the rest!

Grats Lepra, Tallaxo and Geuppnu!

Next was the Trial of Endurance. After some serious group surgery and absolutely chaotic and confusing walkthrough of what was gonna happen, we started out rock solid for the first 50% or so. After some wavering with an MT and cleric going down, we regained control and held out 'til the end. One word summons Endurance up; Phew! Anyway, onwards to the shiny things!

Grats Elladon, Naeldaen and Xazel!

And last but not least we scrounged up the extra clerics needed to win Specialization, and we had one helluva AE party. I think small governments payed alot of dough for a lightshow at New Years less spectacular than the one in this trial. That's four down, two to go - Anguish, here we come!

Grats Threeflies, Davias and Flyvende!

In the heat of the moment, a few people felt like celebrating!

I'm no mage so stay the hell away from me, man!

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