Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk - you're next! 2005-11-29

Another two first-time kills for AD coming up. Last night's target was Txevu, in our first serious attempt to progress onto Tacvi. We started off with the Mastruq Champion script, which turned out to be a relative pushover. Some Champion, eh? We conveniently "forgot" about the single-target rampage on Mrs Syat which led to the demise of some of our Rangers (yay!) and a dorf (double-yay!), so it got a bit messy in the end, but down she went.

Grats Niamhe on a new pair of sneakers!

So what next, we asked ourselves? Well, the next step in Tacvi access was up. It was getting a bit late, but what the hell, we gave it a shot. Might learn something, we thought. What we learned was never to underestimate the value of caffeine. Father Bakari, or the High Priest as he is more commonly known as, must've had it pumped intravenously into his bloodstream (on a side note, do ghosts even have blood?), cus he just kept on coming like a regular yoyo-wannabe; up and down, up and down. Eventually, he stayed down though. The secret to our success? Lets just say the High Priest is somewhere behind all those imps!

Grats Davias, Garba and Aydindryl!

So now the Drums of War are playing in AD's guild hall. Zun`Muram Tkarish Zyk - prepare yourself, we're coming for you next!

This week's quote features a tell sent to none other than your poor little Paladin himself. This is something you don't want your cleric telling you before you're charging into a fight with tons of adds that you're meant to tank!

Oops, guess I told someone!

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