Mmm, dragon! 2005-11-22

So, we all decided to go out for a bite to eat at the local dragon restaurant last night. The mood was good, the music was excellent, and after having a lovely Sallad ala Rikkukin for appetizer, we proceeded to the main course of roasted Yar'Lir. Yup, we finally dropped the nasty bitch, and here's what we got for the trouble (you'll have to excuse my poor screenshots of the loot, in all the excitement I forgot to resize them to catch the effects - I trust most are familiar enough with Lucy).

Grats Groht, Dauredhel, Lindorin and Mulli on loots - and about a dozen others on tier 4 quest items!

Despite having enjoyed an excellent meal, the night was young, so we decided to have dessert. I'm usually partial to vanilla, but in the Ascent they serve this lovely round of Kessdona-flavoured icecream that you simply must try. We dropped her on our first attempt, piece of ca... er, icecream? Anyway, more loots below!

Grats Belzog, Ninelives and Gegan!

So, all in all, a lovely night out for the AD crew - I think most gave last night's restaurant 5 out of 5 stars. Too bad about the lockout policy. In other news we decided it was time the lovely lady featured below took one for the team and coughed up another Ancient for us, along with a decent belt. That's the third first-time kill for AD this week.

Grats Davias and Lepra!

Closing up what has been a rather busy week for us, I thought I'd introduce a 'Quote of the Week' award. This week's quote features none other than our dear Tallaxo, commenting on how to best handle Yar'Lir in all her fury!

Dunno 'bout you guys, but I don't think I'll ever look at dogs quite the same way again!

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