Wh-Wh-Who let the dogs out?! 2005-11-11

I must apologize for the terrible songquote, but there's really no better way to describe the above picture. Yes, indeed, there were that many of them. I'm no doghater myself, but enough's enough, ya know? So, we figured we'd get the whole thing over with, and just finished off their mommies. Sadly, the resident father-in-law that goes by the name Master of Hate wasn't too happy about that idea, so we had to take care of him as well. Luckily papa bear had some loot stashed away for us in the doghouse - stuff that made even our resident frog foam at the mouth!

Grats Davias, Garba and Xastazu!

To tell the truth, we defeated this trial nearly two weeks ago now. So, what've been doing since you might ask? Well, we've had some runins with a nasty little dragon, which is featured to the left here. She'll be going down soon (I think it's a she, I'm a gentleman so I wouldn't peek up her skirt or nothin' to make sure, ya know). We've also made a few tries on the other MPG trials, taken out Rikkukin a few more times, done some epic raids and generally had a merry good time. Just last night we finished reflagging for Qvic, when our dear old Barxt died in the cleanest and fastest way I've ever seen it done.

So, in conclusion that's one mpg trial down and five to go. I won't get ahead of myself, but as the good ol' and merry swedish (and very annoying I might add) song goes, "det kommer mera" (translation: there be more coming). Hopefully I'll be a bit less lazy in updating the next time, but don't count your cards 'til you have 'em.

Posted by:Khael

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