King Gelaqua and Rikkukin downed 2005-10-18
Well, you may wonder why there hasn't been any news for a while. Sadly, the last month or two have been rather gloomy for AD, as we've lost a few old members (including our old news poster). However, in the last couple of weeks we've started moving forward again.

Just last Sunday we paid an overdue visit to a certain dragon inhabiting a windy mountaintop. On the first attempt we merely fed her some gnomes (and the occasional frog) to keep her occupied while we studied the encounter. On the second attempt we sacrificed a ranger and all was well. Rikkukin the Defender was no more, and she had a nice little cache of valuables tucked away for us.

Grats Yaella, Lodan and Ninelives!

So, this Sunday - after having dealt with the "defender" once more, we decided we needed another challenge. A certain King in Riftseeker's Sanctum deserved a latenight visit. Sadly, he did not have any icetea to offer us. Although it was our first true attempt at the foe, we took down all the princes with sheer perseverence. Despite failing numbers we gave a valiant attempt at the King (who HURTS by the way - made me feel like a certain Paladin whom shall not be named). We got him to 40% or so but decided to call it a night as it was getting rather late.

Behold our surprise when he's still up, still prince-less, two days later. While waiting for the proper numbers to handle him, we took care of the resident puppies. With 37 brave adventurers we requested another audience with the resident royal pain in the ***, and we weren't there to complain about the air conditioning. Alas, he did not acquisce with our request, and we had to beat him to a blue(r) pulp.

Grats Emdor, Tallaxo and finally Trixiia on our first Ancient rune!

That's all for tonight, folks. Hopefully, between me and Naeldaen we'll be able to update this once a week and keep you up to date. We're still looking to expand our raidforce slightly, so hop on into the forum and check out the new app section!

Posted by:Khael

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