AD Enters Txevu 2005-09-11

AD Enters Txevu!

Ancient Dominion is currently recruiting members, particularly DPS (yes, we even want Rangers). So if you have 200+ AA's, are level 70, and have a high playtime spread equally between raiding (we raid three times a week) and questing/xp, give Marli, Aydindryl and Terienais a /tell in game.

AD beats Noquifiel after a couple of attempts (well, first attempt at the man himself), which means we can now enter Txevu. Who could have thought DT mobs were so much fun?! :) After a round of backflagging the slackers and some general farmage, we stepped foot into this new zone. Doio provides some tips on how to pronounce names in Gates of Discord:

We haven't yet raided Txevu hardcore, but a quick foray gave us these little beauties:-

Grats Yaella and Unizen on our first GoD chest armour!

More to come soon once we learn the zone some more :)

We've also been looking into the smaller DON raids on quieter nights, picking up some interesting trinkets.. Unfortunately Alla's doesn't have screenshots and I was too slack to take them myself, but they were really nice! Gotta love +165 HP augs, for example!

As I said earlier, we've been farming zones we have already beat, and got some nice trinkets from them too, even if the mobs do cheat!

Grats Starsis on

Karhu on:-

Tirnanog on:-

Me on:-

(45% heal mod on single target- check. 45% heal mod on group spells- check! :P )

Trixiia on:-

And the list goes on!

And of course, we don't always raid. In fact, sometimes when we are raiding, we don't really raid (slack). For example, we scrutinise the mechanics of GoD:-

And there's always time for crap puns!

Or torturing the raid:-

Or ridiculing members..

Or, learning Danish, using the Biktin method:-

Don't forget to congratulate the raid (taken at the Karhu's Bedroom Orgy Raid) :-

And don't forget to pimp your own sister!

Thanks! Speaking of which, a future reform for our dkp system...?

And of course, a new server, a new set of GM's to hump:-

Not all our members have the best personal hygiene though, and may have problems attracting partners.

The dirty truth about one of our officers!

And finally, a section dedicated to Geuppnu the Viking, one of our funniest members, although, I suspect, he doesn't always mean to be. He's on some distant far off planet, which is revealed in the next set of screenshots. <3 Geuppnu

Geuppnu enlightens us to his targetting technique during raids...

And finally, which planet he is on!

That's it folks for another 6 months, or whenever I can be bothered to do the update, whichever is later!

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