Angsty Delinquents! 2004-10-27

3 weeks into raiding Plane of Time and only 1 god stands before us and Quarm. Phases 1-4 totally owned. Our first serious attempt at p5 and only 1 god remained. It's looking good folks! The Allmighty is pleased!

I feel so special now!

Someone sent me in a picture from their "special collection". Apparently it appears on their bedroom wall, with their shrine to Cogo. But it's a cute picture. If a transvestite lizard could ever be cute...


So, who did we meet in Plane of Time? We had to put poor Bert out of his misery..

Grats Lupinus!

Grats Rorrern!

Tallon Zek

You know what, I'm getting pretty tired of the Zeks. More reason to bitch them up!

Of course, we encountered the age old problem of over-dramatic deaths (thes gods are such queens!), and Ming the Merciless #1decided to drape himself over the bookcase in mid air (apparently it's his "best angle")...

Grats Dezires!

Grats Borek and Cartonea!

Vallon Zek

Well, if you're gonna kill one brother, you might as well mug the other one too. So we killed Vallon and stoled his lewtz too!

Grats Source and Conanette!

Grats Bigfroggies the Toad!

Rallos Zek

Why stop with just the brothers?

20% on first attempt, pwnage on second. WHO'S YER DADDY?!

Grats Benanananananananananan!

Terris Thule (Disco Inferno!)

We then decided to have a disco with TT! Get down!

(and she did go down.....)

Grats Zarekk and Grinder!

Grats Cogo, Luber-him and Rivfader!

Cazic Thule

Is this one of Zarekk's turds? Nope, it's not lethal enough, but we had to eradicate it anyway. CT really is an ugly sod and therefore deserves death!

Grats Brigton!

Grats Plutten!

I must mention, since it occured to me:


No pics sadly! Bit of a gimp! Uneventful fight! Many exclamation marks!1

Grats Vorian, Devaryen and Davidar!


And then Inny. 11% on the first attempt. Valiant effort imo. Next time he's our bish, and it's on to Quarm!


We also took a look at a new zone to raid; Kod'Taz, or was it Ikkinz. Yeah I think it was Ikkinz. Or something. So we decided to raid Ikkinz 4 first.Woops. But much fun was had, especially for me, since I was pissed as a fart. Consequentally, I got a bit overexcited, handed the wrong item to the wrong dude, and wiped the raid! MY how I laughed! Ahem. But we did get some lewts on this raid too!

Grats Vilina!

Anyway, apart from raiding, we need to share the lub!

The question...

The answer:

From bragging sexual prowess:-

To the age-old "wrong hole" problem:-

But be careful what you meet in the tunnel!

(depends if it's ET or CT really...)

It's not all about the Plane of Time, of course. We have been steadily xp'ing, adventuring and questing.

What a great turnout we've had for people helping each other on their epic 1.5 quests! Of course, it's not only the mini-raids that are bottlenecks...

Mily points out a good way to encourage people to help you....

Grats to:

Zagum, Syggo, Bigfroggies, Lupinus, Jokskilove, Lukeren, Conanette, Kordan, Milkei, Rorrern and Grinder on their new epics! More to come!

And finally, we come to Misnomer of the Month!

Oh, he's going to get SUCH a shock.

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