Lordy! We is in Plane of Time!!!!! 2004-09-14

Welcome to the Plane of Time!!!

So, 15 months after we started up as a guild we have managed to get ourselves into Time. We have never been a hardcore raid guild. We've been picky about our members (hopefully elitest imo!). We have never rushed through content. We haven't even really skipped much content (except boring shit like PoG *yawn*). We've farmed the hell out of every raid zone we came across (remember farming nToV? sooo cool hehe). We farmed Ssra, which is, well, less cool:-

Oh yes, let's not to forget to mention the plethora of dildoes...

Sometimes the thrill of beating a new encounter, promises of phat lewtz or even dildoes aren't enough for some people, they need something a little "extra" during raids...

In fact, he was so excited by this thought he had to tell me

..but there's more. It's been a frisky time for our young cleric-(nearly)-named-after-a-seaside-town-full-of-homosexuals-and-art-students:

Cogo also expresses some perculiar sexual traits (anyone who has ever read this page will know this already of course).

Possibly slightly more disturbing was the dream Cogo told us about, with additional details supplied by Grinder-

And Kiro continues with his lube fetish by relating to us his fantasies:-

Lhyrica enlightens us to his personal fantasies also:-

Ingrid gives us a tip on Moonnight's preference:-

All I can say is BEWARE, Cuba:-

I'm guessing you all want to see screenshots of the mobs we killed to get to Time. I'm gonna disappoint you there, cos I'm only going to do the most recent two. Other than a ...um.. crap storyline to follow, there was another reason to go and lay the smackdown on the Rathe Council:

So we killed the council, then their boss, who is in fact a bit of a wuss.

It takes a few attempts to get to grips with TRC (a bug where no one was able to cast serverwide helped with that too!), so we spent a while there.

In fact, the only encounter as long and boring as this one is Xegony, only this has less boobs. And everyone agrees, titties is good! Therefore you need something else to occupy your time...

Clericing can be a tough life, with the power of life and death in your hands. You should all be thankful!

And if all else fails to keep boredom away, annoy Genella!

So anyways, we also killed a squid in what can only be described as anarchy...

I can't remember who got the kill shot, I think it was a PALADIN ( =P ). hehehehehe. Arrow continues to entertain us with tales of his wife.

Why should he shield her from /gu? No idea, she really needs protecting from him :

On a more fishy note, maybe she needs protecting from Lukeren...

Jolle, as per usual, has his own ideas as to why we succeeded.

Cogo, on the other hand, has a very different view:-

And now for a plethora of silly names:-

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