Halfway to Time!!! 2004-07-30

There was a lady of not insignificant bust, whom was "taking care" of some essences we needed. Interestingly enough, the guild seemed rather zealous about retrieving them by force.

This is a weird raid if you are a cleric/MT since you have absoloutely no idea what's going on at the other camp. I guess I could have looked, but I was slightly mesmerised. I wish I'd made a video of her booby taunt.

After Brell only knows how long (too long!) we finally did it. Xegony down and a quarter of the Time key completed. Most importantly, we were able to wear the essence like a shield and strut around posing in PoK. Grats AD!


As you might be aware, Gnomes are naturally attracted to caverns. Yoggurt prepares, and takes his chance...

There was a fella named Fenin Ro the Fire Tyrant. Now, this being a fantasy roleplay game, anyone with the name Tyrant in their name obvisouly deserves a kicking. As far as I'm concerned, he deserves to get a kicking just cause he's so damn ugly. Anyways, we did give him a kicking, a few times ;)

And of course, quarter of the Time key and most importantly; posing in PoK with the shield "like you da man".

Some of our folks were industrious triallists and managed to get themselves the key to the Seventh Hammer. And so they gave him a kicking. Grats guys!

We've also gone back and visited old friends, such as Rallos Zek. (And then given them a kicking).

AD seems to work fairly frictionless in raids, but I guess you might get frustrated sometimes...

Speaking of frustration...

Luckily, Matikasix helped us out with his donation of...

(I think it's faulty)

Cogo contributes too, but only after a certain amount of vodka.

When he's had too much, then I like to relax and partake in a hobby of mine, which is Farting On Cogo's Head.

There are worse things in life...

Cheer up Arrow,

What nonsense?!

The alternative is to take a break:

Random LURVE!

I will leave you with this months undisputed name of the month.

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