AD vs the KISS Army! 2004-05-16

Not only do we not tolerate 1337 sp33k, we do not tolerate ageing 70's cock-rockers either. So, we decided to give Sol Ro the pounding he so richly deserves.

(Original photo taken from, and copyright of, KISSONLINE.COM - the site that Click's Ass!)

But the KISS army could not protect Mr. Ro, leaving him slightly fizzled out...

More dead mobs!



The Protector of Dresolik


No picture of Jiva, he's not very photogenic.

Cogo took us on a family picnic to Plane of Earth to meet his family:-

Oh and we killed Saryn a while back too. Just forgot to mention it. As an aside, it's nice to see Cogo keeps the important buffs on, such as VoQ.

Which brings me to what update would be complete without a nice picture of a VT train? I think we wiped once to one of these.

Although, we must put ourselves in their positions sometimes;

And perhaps apply some tenderness...

Anyways, can't be arsed with the phat lewtz so I will continue with the quotes and such. It seems that kinkiness prevails- still.

Err, gee thanks Ori. Speaking of anal sex, Kiro fulfills his duty as officer, overseeing our health, with helpful gestures such as

But the immense lub I feel when I log in doesn't end there. I mean, how would a gnome survive without some quality cyb0r?

Whatever floats your boat, Arrow. Talking of cyb0r:-

And be careful of freudian slips whilst XP'ing in PoE...

Continuing the nymphomania,

Glad to hear it, Scampi.

More cocktacular quotage:-

Just incase you were confused about what else Luke might be wee'ing with, Jab gives us an enlightening sex education class:

For 26 years I have been living a lie!!!!

Sometimes I fear for the sanity of my fellow guildmembers. I think... "What a freak show circus". But then, you can't all be Gnomes, and hence Superior, like me. On a carnival note though, Ninelive's decides to impress the guild with his ventriloquist act:

Great puppet Nine, but work on those "B"s!

Perhaps we play too much, imagining that PoP gods and encounters are releasing covers of classic motown songs...

PoP is pushing our ability to the maximum:

So we have time to think about the important things in life...

Cheese then pickle.

Somehow... I believe it. Talking of smarts....

Give a monk the right to pull, and watch that ego grow....

Perhaps you would die less if you had excellent healers such as Thieron...

Perhaps not.

Speaking of healing though, two clerics + one pally in one group = Healing overkill. Especially whilst farming Dwarven Ringmail Tunics in Crushbone....

As we all know, Cogo dies alot. But he should really work on his insurance XP, as shown in the guild-tool:-

The stupid names thing we shamelessly stole from has been hijacked this issue by the inclusion of being able to change your own surnames. Therefore, I have acquired 8 wives during the past week. I'm a Gnome, can't be too picky!

And there's only one thing to do in situations like these.... (cue the BeeGees)


I will leave you with these Words of Wisdom:

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