RZtW and Sarynn beware.... 2004-03-29

Two Steps closer....

Patch after patch after patch has given AD a busy few weeks; we have repeated our Agnarr kill, the HoH trials, farmed the hell out of VT, and are now two steps closer to those elusive Elemental Planes flags.

What has impressed me the most was the ease of these kills. Bertoxxulus down in 1 hour 25 minutes, first attempt. Mithaniel Marr down on first attempt. And it has seemed like a walk in the park. It's one thing to repeat a script and make it seem trivial; it is a totally different thing to do this on new encounters.

How is this possible?

  1. We are tight. We have grown, yes, but we are a hard guild to get into. We have kept that family feel, and we work well together.
  2. Following on from that, every single member is a kick-arse player. AD, I salute you.
  3. Persistence. I have been in this guild since we really had to pay attention to kill Vindi. We farmed Kael. We farmed nToV. We farmed Luclin and SSRA. We are farming VT still. Look back in our news archives (dial-up users beware!) and the story tells itself.

Some guilds move fast, so fast. And in fact, I guess, we have in a way. For a long time we were not on the map so to speak. We were too small and we were deemed insignificant. Who'd have thought we were so close to the EP? Have we skipped any content? No. Have we just used numbers to zerg PoP encounters? No. Have we merely twinked one MT and said to hell with the rest of them? No. Things have evened out. When I joined I was 10 levels below the rest; had an insignificant number of AA's, and only the gear I had earnt along the way. Now I am 65/150+ (I forget lol), epic'd and VT geared. I have seen newer members join and go through the same process, more levels, better gear, and SOOO much content.

None of this would have been achievable if it wasn't for my guildmembers. /thank

Before I make myself even more sick, without further ado...

Bertoxxulus -> Freeport!

Mithaniel Marr -> Freeport

Agnarr (again) -> Freeport!

And here's some great news- Grats Kordan on hitting 10k HP!!!

He's still a wuss though, judging by the mobs he wants to raid....

Whilst waiting for a pull, some people smoke a cigarette, some make a cup of tea, others fill their cup full of vodka. But the cerebral Kuld had set his hopes higher...

And when the pull comes: inc Cogo-Train of the month. Just the 12 initially, then they split into new mobs, then we pulled the rest of the room (wing?!).

Biktin's VT Musings.

I remember that I dreaded it before we entered Vex Thall. I had heard stories of these tedious place where guilds wipe due to a single gating mob, endless trains (see above) etc. And yes, there are only 3 mob models in the entire zone (and a zillion mobs). But, in fact, VT itself is a beautiful zone. Most people spend their time staring at mobs, but if you look around (tip: look UP) the architecture is quite nice. Repetitive yes, but nice. VT is in fact my favourite zone in the game so far. The detractors of VT are missing the point.

The point? I hear you ask (I am psychic btw). I can hear your thoughts tick-tocking (slowly might I add- wake up!)... LEWT you say! NOPE. Try again.

What is the point I'm getting at? This is what I think when a VT raid is called. I think: "Great, I get to drink a bottle of wine, heal a bit, nuke a bit and get to talk to my guildmates all night". Yes, it can be demanding not in the sense of difficulty, but in time. But I see this time as well spent, we laugh, we joke. We have in depth discussions about whether HP sauce is a chutney or not.

That is the point. We get to spend time together. We get to chat. We get drunk together. All in all, it is not unlike a party. But we've also learnt soo much, particularly when we were clearing. Painful at the time, yes. But in retrospect so rewarding.

Oh yeah, and a lot of the phat lewts aren't bettered till Plane of Time. Now, back to your regular scheduled programme.

Healers tend not to have much to do in VT, which makes the healer channel kinda chatty, but seems to make them a little odd(er)... (or shall I say otter?)

The result being that sometimes we slack and we need a few pointers from the tanks:

And we try to make things a little harder for ourselves..

We could, of course, resort to intoxication:

But sometimes it's not an option: (cue violins)

Seems the game engine has got Reefer Madness too, resulting in impromptu sex changes..

Well, at least we are honest and not ashamed to admit...

(For those who don't speak Spanish, it translates as "I have 27 anuses". I think he meant a?os (usually spelt phonetically as anios online), meaning years). Continuing the excremental theme;

Will the dildo jokes never end? Nope...

Will the Cogo trannie jokes ever end? 'course not!

Ask a silly question....

And now some randomness...

Shuddup smellycat.

Screenshot submission that made me think "WTF?!" of the month:

Boats. Nice.

Seriously though, thanks for the submissions! I get the screenshots and this page writes itself.

Thanks Kuld for spotting this:

Some background on the above quote. The developer who made Guk was trying to inflict his life on the rest of us, by filling Guk full of Wank-nights!

Craptacular name of the issue must be ILUVTHEDEAD... necro by any chance?!

Posted by:Biktin

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