Mistmore LDoN Raid Pwned! 2004-03-03

Ninja Update Time!

Just a mini update this time, so not a full featured issue, but I had to - just *HAD* to update this success.

Just to zoom in there, in case you missed it...

Mistmore LDoN raid (normal setting) PWNED!!!!

Grats to the whole of AD, even those who did not attend- your support and wisdom enabled this win.

Now the loots to make you feel sexeh:

Grats Dburuk and Panselei on:

Grats Plutten my Gnomey Homey on:

Grats Evertonia, my stalker on:

Grats Kordan, the blueberry on:

And grats Cogo on :

Speaking of our illustrious handbag/snakeskin rug, certain rumours were abounding...

Close, Phil, but my Gnomish spies discovered that he actually drops:-

Speaking of which. I did not die on that raid.

And Jolle enlightens us on how he escapes dying...

Anyways I will leave you with an insipid name and let you yearn, as I know you do, for the next issue....

I always wanted to name my child Goldfish. Maybe that's just me.

Posted by:Biktin

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