VT owned (Boobarian Issue) 2004-02-17

After a zone crash takes out our intended target (they love doing that to us), AD decides to make a first attempt at the HoH trials. Result: AD 1 HoH 0. Grats all who attended on flag, I was too busy boozing it up :)

We then met a fruity fellow with a big sword who happened to be the brother of Tallon Zek. Result: Vallon Zek -> Freeport.

With our newfound VT keys, we went to the land of blobs and 4 armed transvestites (again, not Cogo's bedroom) to wade through endless trash mobs with seemingly endless HP to get to some nameds. Once inside we discovered that in order to get a wing key, you need to open a locked door. Can't be rogue picklocked. Where's the key to the door? The other side of the door! So you need a key from behind the door that you need that key to open. Incoming "I have a bit of an attitude" GM /tell!

But we discovered a way to get past this (a bit laborious....) but then a friendly rogue swooped past and opened the door for us. Thankyou! And guess what?


And here's a picture of... a blob. (not Grinder, the other amorphous mass in the picture)

Lhyrica rubbed her lucky nipple...

And helped get some loots for you...

Grats Lukeren on:

Koldorn on:

Ravelle on these two items:

Borek and Biktin on:

Tininea on:

In the past week we have managed to get (some of them multiple) upgrades for the following: Brigton, Lhyrica, Evertonia, Geuppnu, Moonnight, Biktin, Arrowbearer, Dburuk, Dezires, Watcha, Gikrakor, Erethiel, Mhusica, Morrene, Cogo, Capella, Koldorn, Freawyn, Kironev, Jabress, Borek, Tininea, Hepworth, Mebtac, Mirna, Zarekk, Grinder, Raithy, Duchese, Orientis, Kordan, Eannadare, Aanaye, Lukeren.

And grats to Hepworth on her Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl!

One thing you can say about the mobs in VT is that they're gutsy:

They have guts, but so do we. And determination:

Not to mention our guild leader's encouragement:

(even though he ignores my tells (this one is a screenshot from cogo)..)

And we help each other;

Which somehow makes this quote even more disturbing...

Our VT trawl gave us more time to get to know each other more, and I feel that I am beginning to gain an insight into the mentality of Iksar Monks. For example, why they insist on wearing dresses:

During all this, I asked Conanette how she was able to keep aggro so well:

Oh yes, the infamous "Booby taunt". In a similar vein, no spies were needed for this issue's Secret Lives....

Whilst kinda slacking, I noticed this issues terrible/genius name. Normally they do not reach level 25, but this fruitcake managed to get to 65, so grats go to Wruclerics Ffs!

And I will leave you with these words of wisdom from the healer channel:-

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