One busy week... 2004-02-01

Busy Week For AD....

Well, we have been busy now, haven't we? After our first success on Emperor Ssra, we helped out our friends Wyverns on taking him out again. We worked well together and the Emperor went down quicker than, well.. me. Then we decided to do the Cursed Cycle (hurrah we got it the twink teams didn't!), and XtC for good measure. I believe there isn't a mob in Ssra we haven't killed, and even the Emperor is unbelievably trivial now.

So, as a nice change to sodding Ssra, we decided to down a couple of pop mobs. First up was Ming the Merciless aka Tallon Zek. Grats to all who got a flag! In fact due to server crashes, we got to kill this guy twice. Lucky us!

Next on the list of pop mobs was Aerin'Dar in the Plane of Valor. We only lost the slower/tashers who pulled, other than this - faultless. The dude lasted TWENTY-TWO SECONDS! Simply Gimply!

The PoV boss was too gimp for us, so we decided to step up to the challenge and take on Agnarr the Stormlord. On our first attempt, we failed on the second stage. Our second attempt well, shakey start but the most unbelievably professional recovery I have seen in EQ- something that is a testament to our teamwork and skill. Result: Dead Agnarr. Many thanks to the small but perfectly formed (not unlike me) band of Sleeping Moon members who came along for the ride!

At this stage, we are running out of mobs to challenge us. Lukeren has his own ideas about which camp to take...

Phat lewts!

Here's some quick highlights of loot from this week. Alot has been awarded, so it was a tough decision on what to include...

Kironev pickpocketed some nice gloves off Agnarr:

Grats to Gikrakor on:

Fildaren on:

Thieron on (btw this item also has 75/100 HP/Mana now):

And Zagum on:

Meanwhile, Grinder tries to impress the ladies by bragging about the size of his weapon...

And successfully seduces our guildleader!

In fact, it seems that springtime has come early for the AD crew, who seem to be hornier than hell...

Zagum, for example, demonstrates the "unique bond" between Beastlord and Warder. Guess you'll never be lonely, eh, Zag?

It's not just the players that seem to be affected. I found this horribly perverted and sordid scene in Everfrost...

It is not unkown for there to be complaints in regard to Cogo's pulling. However, I would like to point out the alternative:

So you meant to die, yeah, Lhyrica?

Again, I sent my Gnomish Clockwork Spy Probes off in search of AD members. Unfortunately all our enchantresses have created magical wards to prevent my spy probes from entering their bedrooms. However, they did discover this:

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