Vex Thall here we come! 2004-01-22

Emperor >>> Freeport!!!

Well, we did it guys, we have been through hell and back working on the Ssra camps, helping not just ourselves but each other in true AD family tradition. So, congratulations all of us on staying tight and working hard! So now we are closer to candyland, inhabitated apparently by four armed transvestites and goos (not Cogo's bedroom, I mean Vex Thal). FLAWLESS and I mean FLAWLESS victory on 1st attempt. We're starting to make a habit out of that.....

Of course, it wasn't all smooth, Blood took his time popping (a few hours). Spirits were kept up for me by cyb0ring all the females in the guild (altho none replied /cry) and by fellow guild members' helpful suggestions:

But hey you wanna know about phat lewts! So here they is!

Grats Evertonia on the UBER robe!

Kirr on the UBER sword of his dreams (I think he had to go change his trousers after this)

And Styggo for that uber "HP == Mana" item, making sure he has more HP than Emperor Crush! Being a troll, it may take him a few weeks to figure out which slot to put it in!

Of course, we had to kill a wimpy golem to get to Emperor, who as it happened dropped some more toys!

Grats Borek on yummy FT3!

And Calinn on some nice HP and mana!

So, how do we achieve our goals whilst raiding? Our ability to focus during fights?

or perhaps we have looked toward our guildleader for inspiration...

Finally our trip to Sleeper's Tomb yielded Cogo a brand new dress! Grats Cogo!

In all guilds there is a chance that officers take advantage of their position, and AD is no exception...

Grats Zagum!

In fact, some people will bid anything when they are low on dkp...

(Size 6 children's size might I add)

But AD is not all about raiding. It is about friendship as well. An important part of this is getting to know newer members, and it helps when they are candid about their preferences:

And in this theme, my Gnomish clockwork spies have dredged up the following shocker:

Thankyou to Brigton who, in his opinion spotted the worst, but in my opinion the best EQ name ever!

This update was brought to you by your new frontpage reporter Biktin! (^_^)

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