Allah is big, but I got bigger 2004-01-08
It was the night before christmas and all was nice and calm..... except for The Dominion who took out
Vyzh`dra the Cursed!!!.

High Priest of Ssraeshza bit it again.

..and so did Xerkizh the Creator!....

....along with Terris Thule!

Other then these encounters, we have been busy trying to find new challenges for us.
Some of which, have proved to be more of a challenge finding the mobs up and alive, or getting to them, then the actual slaying!

We found these, and tried:

Maestro Of Rancor

The Burrower Beast

Thought Horror Overfiend

The Avatar of War

Grieg Veneficus

And we pissed off a high-end-twink-raid by clearing out Sleeper's Tomb.

Some of our drops for our dedicated audience to drool at:

If you didn't like those drops, our DKP system sure did!

We also took a turn back to Ntov for shits and giggles and try out Vulak ring. SoE thought otherwise and decided to patch when we where just about done clearing the gimp named. So the only thing even worth mentioning from that place might be....

Really frustrated that we cant find new mobs to try out, we try inventing our own!

We have been working quite heavily on our Emporer keys while smithing on our weapons and tactics against the big boss himself.
Can you hear that Mr emporer? Its the sound of your death coming for you.

How can we run around with all these raids and still keep our sanity?

Maybe because of our tactics?

Or maybe by dedicating our time to twinks?

Guess not. Well, finding new and existing items always puts your mind up!

Music keeps you soothing and nice perhaps?

What the hell makes us go berserk all over then? Our skills and intellect?

It just has to be something. We are doing all these things over and over. You just cant do this without going completly bananas.

Our bravery?

Nope? Well, we are completely nuts then.

We do learn from our mistakes!!!

Or maybe not...

When a warrior does not get to kill his pray, or cant find an enemy challenging enough, they tend to take out their frustration in a sexual manner.

This months insipid names!

This update was brought to you by the letters:

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