Dwaggons! 2003-09-29
After beating the snot out of King Thormax, he coughed up a few secrets in a pathetic way to plead for his life. He spoke of treasures hiding within the Temple of Veeshan, the home of the dragons.
So after giving ol KT his final blow (Oi perverts!), the Dominion found its way to the Temple of Veeshan, where we meet our old friend Sontalak again.

Sontalak wisely remembered our last encounter and would let us pass toward the Temple.
However, somehow Sont ended up dead again.
What can I say? He was looking at us funny....

You have entered the Temple of Veeshan Cosy place. Wonder whats in here.

As the Dominion ventured into the Temple and was greated by obviously well trained drake slaves (cause they didnt look at us funny), we ran across a quite big dwaggie, namely 'Aaryonar'.

After an intense battle, Aary was slain by the Dominion. While drowning in his own blood, Aary cursed his revenge upon us by his brothers in the Temple.
Cool, so the Dominion went to collect the curses. As many as 4 other dragons cursed us with their death and shiny items during the evening.

Among the treasures, we found:

Grats Moonnight!

Grats Haggard!

Grats Cleadroun!

Grats Morrene, who probably has to make a 'Sorry Kiro' hotkey now.

While battling in Ntov, Lhyrica accidently gave out an old bard secret regarding epicless bards.

The Dominion once again found themselves in the Plane of Storms. This time to visit an old friend who taught us a lesson in our previous encounters.
Lesson learned, studied and test taken again.

Result: One slain Neffiken, Lord of Kelek`Vor!

Grats Mhusica on Dirk of the Ravaging Wind!!

Mhusica, being the humble kitty he is, always think about his companion bard, Lhyrica, when recieving such a shiny treasure.

The Dominion found our way to the Tower of Bastion of Thunder, where we rampaged through the bosses like there was no tomorrow.

Auliffe Chaoswind was one of the unlucky, caught by the AD rampage....

...and agreed to part from his

Grats Cogo on his new toy!

During our raids, our invites sometimes wishes to show their skills and services to The Dominion.

One of the treasures in the Towers is one badass shield for warriors, actually usefull for aggro, protection and one hell of a bash with stun.
However, the warriors explained in a quite scientific way why the shield is not a prefered choice for them.

The Dominion officers are a friendly bunch, always giving tips and guides when our members are in need.

After focusing, Joley tries her hardest to pull a spell off. And when all else fails, use modern magic!

This month insipid name!

When all your choices for a name is rejected, try the feature of the name generator and pick one of Verants fantasticly and studied roleplay names.

This update was brought to you by these words from the wise.

Posted by:Cogo

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