Statue of Rallos Zek -----> Freeport! 2003-08-07
While half the EQ population where trying to find the entrance to the new SolC zone, the Dominion knocked on the door to the giant city of Kael Drakkel. Unfortunately we knocked a bit too hard and........

Oops, we slayed The Statue Of Rallos Zek!

Congratulations Herkimer and Kordan on....

.....Janelle on Swiftblade Of Zek.....

...And Typee on key to Sleepers Tomb!

Exellent work by all in the Dominion!

Since the Dominion is an award guild, and has corrupted officers, there are several ways to get yourself up in the line for phat lewt. Kordan goes LD, Kironev stating he knows where my cat lives and Lhyrica promises me 'no tells for a day'.
However, there are other, more orthodox methods to raise your position (or something else), for an award.

While in Kael, we had one particular Giant looking at us funny. His name was Derakor the Vindicator, whoever that is? Well, we just can't have that, so we knocked him down a few times.

Congratulation Geuppnu on Chestplate of Vindication....

....Bengun on Boots of the Vindicator....

....and Kironev on Living Thunder Earring!

The Dominion ventured into the forgotten Temple of Ssraeshza on the moon of Luclin.
And accidentally stepped on a Ragh.

Among other treasures, congratulations Aanaye on...

.....and Gore on

When the dwarfs of Iceclad asked the Dominion for protection of one of their Generals, we naturally denied this, based of the quite obvious reason that dwarfs are annoying chairs to rest your feet on. However, an odd faction of the Dominion defied their corrupted leaders and destroyed the giants and wolfs in protection of the general dorf.

Congratulations Evertonia and Emburr on Blessed Coldain Prayer Shawl!

Other things were awarded to us as well, but since the only thing you should receive from a dorf is their head to use as a footrest, I refuse to post it!

Time passed and the Dominion has been busy with Epics, Servitor of Luclin, Va'dyn and some other things I just forgot since I wasn't pleased with my weekly bribe.

Grats Bigfroggies on his epic! Well done Kermit!

On the way to Servitor of Luclin, Bigfroggies shows what happens if you kiss a frog!

Servitor was nice enough to provide Aanaye with a new wand....

....and Mhusica along with Evertonia with a nice and shiny Mask.

Well done Servitor! May you rest in pieces!

This months insipid name:

This update was brought to you by the letters......

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