Up! 2011-10-29
News Update

It's been some busy months for the Ancient Dominion. When I wrote the last update, raiding was literally a nightmare - one belonging to Miragul. Thankfully, we manage to slap some sense into him and move on to more exotic locations, after collecting another scalp..

First up was Fear Itself, but unfortunately, like on so many other great wins lately, I was not in attendance. As such, I have been forced to wear the cone of shame for my slacking habits regarding raid attendance and website updates.

I did, however, manage to hang around for our first Awakening in Morell's Castle. Not a bad event at all, maybe my favourite one so far in the expansion - not overly complex, but requires good execution, and doesn't punish the whole raid for one person's mistakes. I even manage to grab a photo, displaying how we've gotten so lazy that we're just letting the pets do all the work for us..

We're also just about done with farming keys, and have collected our first four wins in Sanctum Somnium. With a bit of luck, I'll manage to attend a raid or two there before we beat the whole thing. Clock is ticking on the new expansion, so it's gonna be a close call to beat the whole thing before the next expansion arrives.

Our beloved recruitment team brings tidings of a few open spots on our roster. Swing by our forums and see if there is a spot for you. For further information, contact Aydindryl, Hottietoe, Nenamile or Gaol in-game.

Posted by:Jokskilove

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