Fire Walk With Me 2011-05-26
News Update


Strange things are happening around here. I have travelled to Norrath to investigate some strange occurrences. It reminds me of my trip to Twin Peaks some twenty years ago. The people are friendly, but nothing like those guys out in the woods. I've been tagging along with some people who have formed an alliance (or guild as they prefer to call it) called Ancient Dominion.

They pretend to be out solving mysteries, but I think their main agenda is to slaughter the masses and spread evil. Their raiding parties are mostly led by a frenchman called Ptiboudchou - though his real identity is Bob. There must be some connection to the Black Lodge - I wonder how he got in here. Maybe the two week outage of Norrath due to the attacks on Sony has created a hole in space and time, which has created a tunnel between the parallel universes.

I've also run into an old friend from my dreams about the red room. Turns out he is a paladin by the name of Jokskilove. The dance moves are gone, but he swings a mean sword.

The folks here are crazy about coffee and pie. Their guild leader, Hottietoe, makes pies that aren't too far off what Norma used to serve in her diner. I've also found the Log Ladys cousin, a necromancer called Minta with an affinity for nuts and bolts and other tinkering devices.

During my short time here, they have managed to defeat a horde of evil.

First they cut down a giant living tree called Thornbustle in an area known as The Grounds. I don't know what evil had gotten into it - It was nothing like those beautiful Douglas Fir back in Twin Peaks.

Next up, they managed to defeat some Terror in the Dark. I did not capture a screenshot of the encounter, but it looked an awful lot like my visit to the Black Lodge. Oh, those horrible memories. I was never quite the same after that.

My stay concluded with a tribute to the Bookhouse Boys. I wish Andy, Hawk and Sheriff Truman had been there to see it. Ancient Dominion would have made them so proud. They managed to end The Librarian's Nightmare and restore the lovely memories for a brief amount of time. Brave warriors, all of them.

But now, I must continue my journey. Agent Cole has another classified mission for me. This is special agent Dale Cooper signing off.

Posted by:Special Agent Dale Cooper

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