The end is near 2011-03-07
News Update


Bad news! I really wanted to do a status update based on Leonard Cohen's song, Sisters of Mercy. Unfortunately, the photographic material just wasn't there to support it. Instead, I bring you: The Desperate Housewives - Daphris, Selistras, Feyonyss and Therias.

Those fine ladies had been giving us a bit of a headache. We all know how the ladies like to conspire, so if we were to beat them, we really had to stick together and not grow too attached to any of the four wenches. After a few nights of practise, we finally found the right moves, and before we knew it, all four were on their backs.

In other not quite as exciting news, we defeated The Keymaster and managed to stay awake through the Hall of Records (only slightly more interesting than everybody's favourite event, Masked Invaders). So as it stands, only the First Creation has yet to get caught under the wheels of the AD Bus, before we have conquered yet another expansion.

Should you be interested in joining this lovely bunch of characters, swing by our forums or see if you can sweet-talk Hottietoe ingame :)

Until next time!

Posted by:Jokskilove

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