Xanamech destroyed! 2003-07-24
Greetings masters and servants! Welcome to another addition of Thunderdome!
The Dominion with allies has been slaying dragons all week, and decided to do something different. Namely a mechanical dragon called The Xanamech, made by a tinkering evil little gnome. In an alliance with our friends at Fearless Hearts we literally repaired the life out of the tincan!

Grats Janelle who is now ripping the heads out of gnomes, 41% faster with her new Woven Shim Choker.....

....and Arenhyn who's sole presence scares the bananas out of any undead with The Innovators Ring

The Dominion now has Factory access. Behemoth, we are coming for you!

On our stroll to Xanamech, we accidentally stepped on a rather big tincan by the name of Junk Beast!

The bugger was apparently very shy, since he started to blind the whole lot of us.
We didn't want to hurt this pile of scrap, but since it was in our way, we had to put it out of its misery.
With our eyes closed.....(Hey, we wanted to give him a fair chance.)

Congratulations to the deadly, but beautiful, Tinya on her new powerful Corroded Steel Plate Shield!

The Dominion explored yet another part of the moon of Luclin and found a rather large rock staring at us. Now, we just couldn't have any strange thing looking at us like that, so we rocked it a little.
Ok, we pwned it!

Grats Mhusica on Toetwister......
(On the mere sight of this weapon, Kordan just took off running, mumbling something about 'not again' and covering his feet with his hands.....while still running.)

.....and a big congratulations to Aanaye on her new robe!
May it serve you well in making fun of halflings!

While exploring the dungeon of Chardok, The Dominion found its way into the Halls of Betrayal, where we literally trashed the place.
Several treasures where found. Among the more noticeble was Spiritmaster War Beads.
Congratulations Evertonia on this great find!

Another Epic was finished for the Dominion, and for no other then our grumpy dorf Handolin, who accidently broke his mandolin in the joy. Handolin celebrated his new Epic by changing the color of his armor......again!
(The rest of us celebrated the breaking of the mandolin. ;-p)

This update was brought to you by the letters.....

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