AD Bus ventures into Terror of Luclin 14-01-2022
After all the Snow, Ice and Dragons (and drakes, lot of drakes) the AD bus took flight and touched down on Luclin, equipping our moon boots we headed out for our first look at the new raids..

Venturing into Umbral Plains, we found Zel’ and his magic coat (plus friends.. at least there wasn’t any Drakes….) After a little scout work, sacrificing Silok to the gods a few times, laughing at Loro' being attacked by insects, our brave raiders went into battle.... and with our stunning teamwork Zelnithak soon enough was brushed aside for our first ToL win!

What's that I see in the distance Doomshade

Quick refreshments in Guild Hall, then the mighty AD bus headed back to Umbral Plains, for Doomshade's pool party. After a little look and tactic adjustments our raider's gate-crashed the party in style - Alba bought Brew Dog beers, Ruik' took over the DJ both and our Rangers chased around Shades - no DOOM-BOOM for us, but plenty of AD-BOOM for Doomshade and the Darkmasters! another win on the board, the AD (party) Bus rolls on!

Next stop, Netherbian Swarm Commander......

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Posted by: Lorolgon

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