Happy New Torments in Velious! 31-12-2019
The news page might have felt a bit lonely with the lack of updates, but under very serious threats of Laurielle posting pictures of her husband we will try to look back on last year a bit.

It has been a long year, after some struggle to slaughter some Kar`Zoks back in March, we proudly marched on to deal with some old dragon down the caves and king Atrebe Sathir himself in the summer!

Which means... EOK DOWN!!! It was about time!

We didn't stop there though! Fall has been just as active, and we swooshed through the Ring of Scale as smoothly as a zerker axe!

End of Empire in Skyfire Mountains? Down!
Even devs breaking the events mechanics with meteors raining hard didn't stop us from winning it again!

Drusella's lost her toys to Crypt Robbers in Sathir's tomb? Down!!
Our rogues have been trying their hardest to outdo Athises, Bhaleus, Caleus and Deutocia -- stealing three treasures everytime, but she didn't seem to notice...

Hoshkar keeping warm in Veeshan's Peak caves? DOWN!!!
Not even its army of wyverns, basilisks and vortexes could keep it safe from the AD bus and harshness of winter.

To make sure AD stays warm in the cold of Torment of Velious we'll go take a peek at new raids next year after we've had our share of group content during the usual winter holidays break, coming back fresh and stronger than ever for more adventures in the best raids available.
Happy 2020 everyone!

Do you want to join in the fun? We have room for more players!

Ancient Dominion is the only non-hardcore raiding guild on the Antonius Bayle server.

If you want to raid when your real life commitments allow or join a friendly guild with a relaxed atmosphere, look no further than Ancient Dominion.

New and returning players welcome! We have a successful guest raider system for friends from other guilds.

If you want to know more, please get in touch with Wewere or any other officer online.

Posted by: Asmadeus

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